Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Johnny Bravvo was naturally drawn to the music scene. Inevitably moving to Austin, Texas, he was thrust into the party culture where he further cultivatined his talent, bringing different genres of music to house parties and elevating the vibe and energy wherever he played.

He was quickly recognized by some of Austin's most prominent event producers such as Camille Styles, Citizen Generation, and Liv by Design, and hired to DJ for high profile clients, weddings, and charities, such as Austin Monthly, The White Party, Formula one, the list goes on...

What can you expect from a Johhny Bravvo experience? A DJ that not only listens to his clients and reads his audience but creates an individualized experience of every event, making it a night to remember. 

"I have worked with Johnny for the last five years on more than 20 events. He is my go-to guy for events of all types (including my wedding!) and is always my number one recommendation to other people. Johnny is professional, experienced, and positive. He pays close attention to the event producers and crowd, giving them exactly what they want, but also keeping within his style. You can always count on Johnny to bring great energy to your party!"

~ Alex Winkelman, philantrophist and founder, Charity Bash and Citizen Generation